The CONEXT® Mobile Load is available only to CONEXT® Customers. The CONEXT® program is managed and serviced by Mercury Service Group, LLC (“Mercury”); and the CONEXT® Mobile Load app is serviced by Wausau Financial Systems, Inc.


CONEXT® Mobile Load Terms and Conditions

The CONEXT® Mobile Load application allows you to capture an image of the front and back of an original paper check, using your smartphone camera. These images are transmitted to Mercury through your CONEXT® Mobile Load application.


Check Eligibility. We can only accept checks payable to your company, drawn on a U.S. bank. We cannot accept checks already submitted for deposit, payable to others, credit card checks, foreign checks, substitute checks, returned checks, or postdated and stale dated checks (more than 6 months old). If an image received does not meet image quality standards, the image may be automatically rejected. Each image must include the front and back of the check and be clearly legible.


Check and Load Approval. Once the check images are received by Mercury, the checks will be reviewed and approved or declined. A reason for declining the load may be that the account from which the check is drawn has insufficient funds, the check is too high risk, or the payee line does not match with the legal entity submitting the check for load. Mercury reserves the right to decline a load if we believe there is a chance the funds may not be honored by the drawing bank. You can view the status of the submitted check by logging into your mobile app.


Endorsement. Endorse the check and add “For CONEXT Mobile Load Only” below your signature. All check loads are subject to verification and can be adjusted upon review. Mercury reserves the right to reject any image that is not properly endorsed.


Limits. Load request amounts cannot exceed the balance limit restrictions. For example, if your maximum card balance limit is $25,000 and your current ledger balance is $15,000, you cannot load more than $10,000 (less any applicable load fees). If you attempt to initiate a load in excess of your maximum card balance limit, we will reject your load request.


Availability. Funds from check images submitted Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) between 8:30 am -4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time will be available by end of business day if they are approved. Check images submitted after 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time will not be honored and will have to be re-submitted within the appropriate timeframe.


Fees. The fee for submitting a mobile image check to be loaded is 3% of the face value of the check. If you submit multiple checks, the fee will be 3% of the aggregate check value.


Disposal of Deposited Items. After transmitting an item to Mercury, you agree to retain the original check in a secure location for 30 days, before marking the check void and destroying the item. If requested by us, you agree to provide the original item promptly to Mercury.


Dishonored Checks. If an item is dishonored, returned to us unpaid or is not an eligible item, Mercury reserves the right to suspend your card account until the outstanding balance is remedied with your local check casher. You agree that Mercury, or any of its resellers, is not liable for any losses, costs, or fees you may incur because of our chargeback of a returned check.


Errors. You agree to notify Mercury of any errors regarding items deposited through the CONEXT® Mobile app right away.


Warranties by Mercury. Mercury makes no warranties that the CONEXT® Mobile app will be error free, secure, and uninterrupted – you agree that the use of the CONEXT® Mobile app is at your own risk.


We reserve the right to deny access to the use of our mobile service without prior notice if it is unable to confirm your identity/authority to access the mobile app or we believe such action is necessary for security reasons.


Change in Terms. Mercury reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Agreement or to terminate this agreement without notice.


This document is effective as of 07/26/2018.

CONEXT® Mobile Load is currently not available in New York.