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You Need That Trip. Trust us.

If you’re a business leader, you want to be able to approach work from a fresh and rested perspective. You don’t want your work to become a burden and you don’t want to become burnt out. But a new survey suggests an entirely new reason for you to decide to go on a vacation: to experience a life "eureka” moment.

We’ve talked before about the importance of taking time off from work to recharge and unplug. This survey though, conducted by OnePoll, found a few more fun facts about employee wellness. First of which is that a majority of Americans take vacations to begin with to escape work and work-related responsibilities.

Career and work stress are the impetus behind 60% of vacations. Despite a seemingly universal desire to get away from every day work related pressure, most Americans can’t agree on how to do it.

Around 30% report going on vacation to relax, while another 30% would rather go on vacation to explore or to do something active. For whatever reason they decided to take the trip, and for whatever they decide to do while away, one third of people polled reported experiencing a sort of eureka moment while away.

A life eureka moment, as described by those who participated in the survey was a moment of clarity or realization about their life.

You know the saying that someone wasn’t able to “see the trees for the forest?” When you’re embroiled in your everyday life, going to work, making decisions and managing it along with your own private life and relationships, it can be hard to see the larger picture.

Going on vacation, especially if you’re able to travel, helps to give you a degree of separation from your life. With a little separation, you might see things from a new angle.

How does this affect you as a business leader? While you might not be experiencing burnout or fatigue, if you haven’t gone away or offered yourself a reprieve of any kind, you might not be seeing your business or the people involved in it for what they are.

In a way, you might be too personally invested. Plan a trip for yourself or with people you care about and spend some time away. The same survey suggested that most Americans feel that the best trip is about eight days long.

Try to get out of your own life for a week and you might end up experiencing a life eureka moment. Maybe it’s a small realization - or maybe it’s an idea that is life-changing that you might never have had without the renewed perspective!

And as a business leader, you should encourage team members and employees to take time off and away. Many employees in small businesses report feelings of guilt for taking time away, or feeling like they might disappoint their superior if they ask for time off.

Make sure you create a work environment that encourages team members to remember to take time for themselves and to achieve a positive work life harmony.

This also means there needs to be systems in place to allow for key employees to leave the office without everything falling apart. Vacation time and time out of work are extremely important for your own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Rested, focused and de-stressed workers are positive contributors and productive team members!

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