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Tips for Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season

According to Kantar Media, the top ten retailers in the US spent nearly 1.2 trillion dollars on #marketing and #advertising during the 2017 holiday season.

By most metrics, it turned out to be money well spent with most #retailers reporting upticks in #revenue for the last quarter of the year. With consumer confidence at its highest levels since 2000 according to research by eMarketers, 2018’s holiday season has all the makings of another major success for the world’s largest retailers.

But you don’t have a multi-million dollar #marketing budget, or a team of researchers to test the best ways to make #money during the holiday season.

That’s okay! Here are a few low-cost tips about how you can make a bit of a splash before the end of the #holiday season this year.

1. Throw an appreciation party for vendors or business partners.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, then host a luncheon or a brunch where pastries, doughnuts, and coffee might be all you need. You’d be surprised who might turn up! It’s a good opportunity to develop trust and further relationships with existing #vendors and #partners. Plus, your employees will appreciate an opportunity to eat whatever is leftover!

2. Send cards to customers/clients/vendors.

Handwritten notes go a long way and cost very little. At its simplest, you’re keeping yourself and your #business top of mind. In the long run, it’s showing that you’re more than just a business - you’re a part of the #community.

3. Try to work with a charity.

Most charities are looking for help with #donations. Picking up a donation box and positioning it somewhere in your place of business can help increase foot traffic and help customers to recognize that you’re a part of the #community. This can be particularly helpful for #retail businesses!

4. Host an open house for prospects.

This could be time-consuming and might require a bit of a push on social or via your normal marketing avenues. But, if you have the means to push a date for people to attend your business and enough staff to host it, this could be a goldmine of good will. People tend to be more likely to engage during the holiday season and you can use the festive time of year as an excuse to tell people more about what you do. At the end of the day, your top marketing goal is making sure that everyone that can know about you and use your #products and #services, does know about you and your #products and #services.

5. Be festive!

Hire musicians or singers to perform or hire a Santa Claus to take pictures with customers/clients! Even if hiring is out of the question budget-wise, grabbing some Christmas lights and decorations and filling a bowl of candy will go a long way to making your #business seem friendly and approachable during the holidays. Again, it’s all about increasing foot traffic and giving #clients, #customers, #partners, and #vendors more opportunities to visit you!

Don’t forget - even if you don’t see the kind of increase in business or sales that some of the big corporations, doing small things during the #holiday season can lead to building new relationships or fostering older ones into the New Year.

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