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The Early Bird is a Better Business Owner - Here's Why.

Entrepreneurs and people working in small businesses are far more likely to bring their work home with them after hours. With this being the case, you might be less willing to wake up earlier, opting to use a few extra hours to snooze - in exchange for an evening that completely turns off later than usual.

But is that really the most efficient way to run your business?

Using college students as an example, Times of India cited a Texas University study that charted the overall academic achievement and GPAs of groups of students that were early risers, versus those who stayed up later and slept in later. Unsurprisingly, the students that went to bed earlier and woke up earlier tended to have higher GPAs and better overall performance.

Waking up earlier allows you to get out in front of the day and be proactive. If you’re a late-riser, think of your typical morning. Chances are you’re rushing around, with only enough time to get ready and get yourself out the door. You might not even have finished your first cup of coffee and not be fully awake before you hit your desk or the first work-related task of your day.

It has become a societal trope: don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee. It’s safe to assume, for those types, that they might be losing crucial parts of their workday as they simply prepare to be ready to work.

Compare this to an early riser: the extra time in the morning allows them the opportunity to practice healthy behaviors and to calmly prepare for their day. They have time to enjoy a cup of coffee, rather than chase it down during their commute. They might even be able to prepare and eat a healthy, balanced breakfast, or engage in a morning workout routine!

Best of all, they’re not starting out their day in a sprint - instead, they can enter the office calm and prepared, ready to hit the ground running.

You’re probably saying, “wait a minute, but I’m tired when I get up in the morning! I’d rather sleep a little longer so I can go to work and feel rested, even if it takes me a little more time to settle in!” Fair enough.

But consider that most early-risers are also early to bed. You can’t go to bed late AND get up early - that’ll fast track you to sleep deprivation and a whole other set of problems. Instead, you can help to alter your sleep cycle so you spend more time sleeping at night than in the morning when you should be up and productive.

Think of it this way - wouldn’t you like a little bit of your spare time to fall while you’re freshly awake and alert, rather than at the end of the day when you’re tired and sleepy?

The good news? If you’re up early and have time to yourself to practice healthy habits and maybe even get to work early - you’ll probably have more time to get home in time for happy hour!

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