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It's a Trade Show - Not the Superbowl

We went over the finances of going to a trade show, and the massive amount of preparation that’s involved to make the investment worth it. We get it - all the prep and money going into the event could make it seem like a make or break opportunity. The temptation will be there to treat it as the Super Bowl of your business.

We’re here to advise you strongly not to take this approach.

Before attending a trade show, you should have clearly defined goals and objectives. The trade show appearance should be simply a part of a larger marketing campaign that you’re in the middle of executing.

Remember, when you’re at the trade show, you’re going to be talking with people that are tired, people that have been standing all day and people that have been hearing dozens and dozens of elevator pitches and have shook dozens and dozens of hands. You only have a few minutes with each potential person, and their brains are going to be awash with new information. The last thing you want to do is confuse them.

Another protip? Don’t ramble. Prepare a brief, positive and direct speech to greet each new visitor to your table with. This little “table pitch” should focus on one major objective.

We discussed how having giveaways and literature at the ready in your booth is important. If you have the space, you should also consider posting some charts or diagrams in your booth that visitors can look at.

You want to explain who you are, what you do, and how working with you can be a benefit to your visitors as simply and quickly as possible.

Visual aides to explain some of the more wordy elements of your business are your best friend. You draw them in with a quick, pleasant table pitch, shake their hands, offer them a giveaway and let them take a look at your literature and your visuals and answer questions as they come. Get their info, and boom, you’re done! You made a connection at the trade show, and it didn’t take more than ten minutes of anyone’s time.

Remember to stick to one simple marketing objective, and create visuals to explain what would take more than a minute or so of talking.

Keeping it simple will make it easier for your visitors to remember who you are and what you do. Keeping it simple and in perspective could also help you to stay focused on your core objectives as a business and help you more tangibly judge how successful your trip was.

If after the trip you pitched X amount of potential business partners with an endless amount of different ideas and pitches - there’s no way to determine if you did well or not. If you walk in wanting to help one simple element of your business, you can determine growth in that area very easily.

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