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It Pays To Look At Your Business Through Rose-Tinted Glasses... Sometimes

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have to constantly be in a state of analyzation. What’s going on? Are we efficient? How is cash flow? Is Becky coming in today? Every thought from the most long-term to the trivial and mundane has to be someone’s responsibility; and if you’re a small business owner, a lot of times that responsibility falls on your footstep.

But in those thoughts, are you actually just finding new ways to ask yourself what’s going wrong?

Stress is a very normal and very human part of running a small business. Evolutionarily, it might not serve a purpose, but until we get to the point where we’ve trained the chemical responses of our offspring to know the difference between saving their children from a bear attack and getting an email notification, we’ve got no choice but to live with, and manage our stress.

The stress response is linked closely to negative feelings. Negative feelings lead to more stress, which leads to more negative feelings. This can create a dangerous and ultimately unhelpful cycle for small business owners.

The more stressful each day gets, the more negative you’ll feel about each day; the more negatively your approach each day, the more stressed out you’ll feel. This is a bad cycle that you need to break. You can’t be there for your team or your clients if you’re stuck in a cycle of stress.]

On the practical side, this lifestyle will lead to burnout and being unproductive. As a person, though, this lifestyle will lead to physical problems including and not limited to trouble sleeping, anxiety and depression, heart disease and more. Again, very bad.

One simple and small way to help break the cycle of stress is instead of asking yourself what’s wrong, try to focus on what’s right.

It could be as simple as just rephrasing a question to yourself. More profoundly, it’s changing your frame of mind and forcing yourself to remember the good things that are happening.

Dealing with stress is inherent when dealing with adversity, but it’s also tied to dealing with success. With each success your small business has, the stakes get higher and the opportunities get larger. That’s stressful!

But, remind yourself that to be in the position you’re in, however stressful, very good things had to happen and very good things need to continue to happen.

The good might not outweigh the bad all the time: having a good team isn’t always going to convince an investor to do business with you or a vendor to give you a more favorable quote. But having a good team did put you in position to need those things in the first place.

For the salt-of-the-earth type business owner, this might seem silly, but try it anyway. When you’re feeling stressed, take a few moments to call a timeout and fix your mind on the positive aspects of where you are and the very good things that are happening.

It might be tough to see all the time, but they will always be there. It can help to put things into a positive perspective, and hopefully, if only a little, help y

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