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ICYMI - Your Business IS Your Staff. Here's Why & How To Maximize Both.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Welcome to part 2 of our New Year's Business Resolution series! Last week, we explored the need to revisit and revise your business plan. Now that you’ve gotten that squared away, it’s time to think about day-to-day operations of your business.

It is the people operating your business who are responsible for how your business runs. The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate your staff. To start, ask yourself questions like:

  1. -What are the individual responsibilities of each staff member?

  2. Are there employees whose role is too large?

Many #smallbusinesses fall into a similar trap when it comes to staffing. According to Flex Professionals, an experienced staffing agency, many small businesses end up having “jack-of-all-trades” employees: a single, hard-working employee that ends up responsible for bits and pieces of entire departments. At the beginning, a single, capable employee is invaluable; but having one person in charge of executing multiple operations will eventually prevent growth in your #business.

There’s a fine line between “Ted is my right hand man,” and “Ted is single-handedly responsible for an entire, crucial element in my business”. You want your business to be system-based, not people-based.

When one employee becomes too important, your business will only be able to grow as much as that single employee will allow it to.

Even the best employee will get tired, burned out, or will flat out make mistakes. It’s bad for productivity and it’s bad for morale. As you hire more employees, that one “jack-of-all-trades” employee might start to resent the seemingly simple roles others in the company have.

The opposite can be true as well. Do you have employees that aren’t used as much as they can be? An underused talent is sucking money out of your business. You need all employees to be efficient and effective.

So what do you do?

Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of each employee, and find employees who are overburdened. This counts for you, too! As Flex Professionals says, don’t be a “lone wolf”. Be communicative with your staff and honest with yourself. Evaluate everyone in your business and re-assign certain tasks and roles to make sure that responsibilities are delegated properly.

This leads to the next important element to consider when evaluating staff: are staff members trained and put in positions to be successful?

Every successful business has training procedures to make sure each employee is equipped to handle their job. You can avoid the “jack-of-all-trades” scenario by making sure to enforce a #training program. This makes it a responsibility of your higher-ups to delegate & offers a clear path to advancement in the company as you and your staff increases.

You want your staff to grow as your business does; but you don’t want your business to grow and need your staff to catch up. Employees that grow in your business, stay in your business, helping decrease unnecessary #staff turnover.

Lastly, are all members of your staff performing roles that suit them? A staff member that is treading water is counter-productive. They might need to be better trained or re-assigned.

It’s also possible that certain personalities are not cut out for your business. If there is no clear role that suits an employee’s strengths or that can help them and your business, it’s better to fix that problem as soon as possible. Good training, for example, stops problems before they take root and take over your business.

Taking stock of who your employees are, what they’re doing, and if they’re efficient is extremely important to your business. An unproductive staff hurts your ability to make a profit & hurts the overall morale of the business.

So be sure that paying attention to your staff is one of the resolutions you stick to in 2019!

Make sure you check back next week for Part 3 of our series! We'll see you then!

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