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Final Rule? Keep Your Head Down & Stay Focused.

We know it’s tough to stay hyper-focused and simple when planning such an expensive experience like a trade show. But being simple is your best friend here. When you decide to go to a trade show, you need to make sure you ask yourself exactly what you’re looking to accomplish.

Most trade show attendees can narrow their objectives down to one of a few options:

  • Launch a new product/service

  • Directly market to a new customer/client base

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Start or continue a specific promotion

  • Enter a new market

  • Grow your team

Each business is unique and has specific needs, but in general, most businesses will find themselves falling into one of those broader categories. Depending on which category best fits you, you’ll probably find yourself approaching the show a little differently.

If you’re just looking to raise awareness for your brand, then maybe you focus more on creating a nice giveaway to bring with you to the trade show. A successful trip then could just be more people walking away with logoed pens, and names entered into a contest.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to launch a new product or service, you need to focus more on demonstrating the benefits of that new product or service. In that case, a contest won’t really help much. You’ll probably want to put more thought into preparing some visuals, like PowerPoint slideshow to run at your table to introduce this to the masses.

Or if you’re looking for new business partners, maybe your focus is setting meetings outside of the show with other businesses that will be attending.

Either way, when you come up with a broad definition of what you want to accomplish at a trade show, it’ll help you to come up with clear plan as to what you need to do to accomplish that general goal.

At that point, you can create the clear and direct message your staff at the show can work from.

Remember, everyone at the trade show will be on their feet all day and tired. We’ve mentioned this in each post about trade shows - without a clear objective, you’ll end up spinning your wheels spitballing with potential clients and customers that might not know what you want them to do with you.

A trade show is a great opportunity to tell more people about who you are, what you do and how to get in touch with you.

Just make sure before you go, that you know exactly what you want your message to be and exactly what you the people visiting your booth at the trade show to do with the new information you’re going to give them. Decide on a clear trade show objective, and from there make sure once you attend that you stick to that plan!

That wraps up our trade show series! Thanks for reading - we hope this helped! Want to see our adventures at the LendIt Fintech Show in Cali? Head to our social!

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