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Emailing On Holiday: Giving a Lifeline

Even though we’d all rather get caught up in the yuletide cheer, your business can’t always wait. Unfortunately, your company can’t always work with the holiday schedule, which leaves many of us doing work when we’d rather be drinking cocoa and watching holiday movies. One of the biggest virtual ties we have to our work is our email, which is ever-so-conveniently available on our phones.

We’ve went over some tips on handling email correspondence when away from the office, including setting up an “away message” and setting aside specific times to work while on vacation.

There is another trick, though, which we’re pretty fond of: creating a bat signal.

So, let’s say you have a strict 10-minute window every morning with your coffee set up to check in with what’s going on email-wise at work. If you’re passionate and invested in your business, it’ll be very easy for this quick session to end up consuming a larger part of your morning as you get sucked into a work-related wormhole.

This is where a Bat Signal comes in. Ask the person (or people) handling your day-to-day while you’re away to act as your “Robin.”

This one person (or trusted group) are the sole people authorized to reach you directly. It’ll be up to them whether or not a problem needs to wait or if it needs to be addressed by you ASAP, even while away.

If they absolutely need you, and can’t handle it or push it off, they illuminate the Bat Signal.

If you can actually construct a spotlight with your logo on it that you’ll see in the night sky, then that’s outstanding. But it’s not what we mean.

Maybe it’s a specific subject line in an email so that when you get the notification you know it’s serious. Or if they send you a text message. Or, if you’re really trying to unplug during business hours, you can give this person the number to a hotel you’re staying at and ask them to leave the message with them.

Extending a bit of a lifeline to you can reduce the amount of big red buttons that get pressed in your absence and could ease up on the amount of people who have to talk to you “right away” when you’re back.

By delegating this level of responsibility, you’re also empowering your employees to step up in a time of need. So while you’re giving yourself some downtime and peace of mind, you’re also making it known to the right employees that you trust their judgment enough to run the show without you.

Try this the next time you’re out of the office and let us know how it works.

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