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Don't Just Work - Work Smart

Finding success is very difficult, particularly entrepreneurial success as a small business owner. In order to be successful, you spend years betting on yourself, your intuition and your ideas. Most business owners spend as much time and energy convincing people to do business with them as they do time and energy eating or sleeping.

The most successful businesses are run by determined and focused people who dive headlong into creating opportunities for success for themselves, their team and ultimately their business.

It’s exhausting. A small business is a living, breathing beast; it adapts and changes and moves and grows. Many business owners can reach a point where they feel more like they’re holding on to the business than being in charge and running out in front of it as a guiding light.

The old adage is that most businesses fail before they reach their second year. Seeking help and advice from someone who’s been there and help you get through those tough early stages. But once you’re a few years deep in the business, don’t think you’re beyond help!

A quick search on Google turns up a bunch of options for small business owners to find advice and mentorship. SCORE is an agency that offers mentorship in tons of different sectors, powered by the US Small Business Administration.

Speaking of which, their website offers a ton of information for small business owners, including details on how to federal loans and grants, and a learning center with a variety of different courses you can take to learn right from home.

If you’re a bit further along, something like an online course might seem like a waste of time. It might be better for you to find advice and mentorship via networking, and that’s readily available, too.

Dig around your local library, or ask your local chamber of commerce. Or, if you plan ahead, you can attend larger networking events like the Small Business Expo, which visits several major cities nationwide throughout the year. Play your cards right, and you can end up planning a trip around it!

The next time you have a minute, visit Amazon and look through the “Business and Investment” section of their books. No matter how unique your personal situation might seem, if you’re a business owner, there’s a good chance someone else has been through something similar and wrote about it!

You owe it to your team and to the continued success of your business to continue to learn and grow as a business owner. Seek knowledge, network and take time to read. While not all advice is good advice, taking no advice and burying your head in the sand could end in crucial mismanagement of your small business.

The business world is changing minute by minute, so why not take advantage of free resources to help you learn and adapt? As a business owner you need to work hard, but you also need to make sure you’re working smart.

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