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You're Live! Benefits of Using Live on Social

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Okay, so you have social media feeds for your business. Great. One new(ish) feature of most social platforms is the ability to go “live”. It’s exactly what it sounds like – your real time video is broadcast across your social media network and advertised with a push notification. So the question is: Should you be doing that?

The answer is probably yes.

For anything involving #social, if it’s possible for you to do it, you should. Every little thing you do on social is a new opportunity for someone else to find out about who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you - the very basis and intention of EVERY kind of #marketing. Going live can be an active invitation for people in your social network to engage with you.

At the very least, it’s another opportunity for people in your social network to see your name. (Remember that silver lining the next time you go live and see only a few people joining in!)

From a raw number’s perspective, according to WordStream, video on social media generates a ton more shares than text or photo posts. If you go live for a while, then save the video and post it later, it’s essentially a double whammy - you’ve created an immediate opportunity for people in your social network to interact with you, and then invited them to share the moment later on.

So now that we’ve convinced you to give it a shot, here’s a few tips on how to get started.

Be yourself! People are sensitive to being “sold to”. You don’t need to create a Hollywood quality film or stage a variety show in order to create a piece of live video content that your social audience might like. The idea is to make them feel welcomed in your “family” and feel that your business is more #accessible.

Promote it!

This is especially true if you plan to go live during a special occasion or event. Tell people you know in person to look out for it, and post about it in advance. This will automatically increase the chances of getting an #audience to view your video as it happens.

Be creative!So your business is a little boring. It doesn’t matter! This is a tool you can use to create a living, breathing #commercial for you and your business! Do a tutorial! Go live to show people how a specific part of your job is done. Go live to show off a particular employee’s job, or to show off an interaction with a client, vendor, or customer who isn’t camera-shy.

Social media, for most people, is mindless scrolling and people are naturally curious. Showing them something outside of their normal day-to-day is enough to get them to pop in to a live video. Even a simple Q&A session can help, which leads to our next point...

Engage!Don’t forget the most important element of live videos is the fact that in real time, people can engage with you! If someone comments, say hi to them! If someone asks a question, respond!

There is merit to going live, and there are also pitfalls.

Going live does expose you to the element of it being, well, live. If you have an event that you’d like to share on social, if you post later, you can edit and manipulate the photos and videos so that they fit your image. It leaves you open to mishaps and little mistakes you might not be comfortable making in front of the camera. The more exposure you have, the more opportunities someone has to unfollow you if the content isn’t something they want on their feeds.

You’ll have to do a little trial and error to find out what your voice on social is with live videos and what your audience responds to. But it’s an absolutely free service and a fun, new way for you as a #business owner to make yourself a star in the eyes of your network!

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