Navigating the Dirty Work of Delegation

Most small businesses start with one person. Maybe a spouse or a close friend helps. But usually, it’s just you. You built relationships and earned friends out of your client-base. Do this long enough, however, and you’ll end up at a bit of a crossroads: you’ll need to delegate some work. You might feel like the idea of shifting some of the work to another individual defies the very thing that made your business successful to begin with. In a sense, that is true. All things c

A Very Business Christmas: A Guide to Shopping for Clients

The holiday season is a great time to build and foster relationships with vendors and #clients. We’ve mentioned hand-written cards - but let’s say you want to be extra festive by buying gifts for certain individuals important to your #business. We say, good idea! Here are a few guidelines to help you show your appreciation to important clients and vendors while not breaking your budget or committing and #holiday gift faux pas. Don’t overspend/be fair Consumer culture runs ram

Tips for Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season

According to Kantar Media, the top ten retailers in the US spent nearly 1.2 trillion dollars on #marketing and #advertising during the 2017 holiday season. By most metrics, it turned out to be money well spent with most #retailers reporting upticks in #revenue for the last quarter of the year. With consumer confidence at its highest levels since 2000 according to research by eMarketers, 2018’s holiday season has all the makings of another major success for the world’s largest