ICYMI - Your Business IS Your Staff. Here's Why & How To Maximize Both.

Welcome to part 2 of our New Year's Business Resolution series! Last week, we explored the need to revisit and revise your business plan. Now that you’ve gotten that squared away, it’s time to think about day-to-day operations of your business. It is the people operating your business who are responsible for how your business runs. The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate your staff. To start, ask yourself questions like: -What are the individual responsibilities o

Netflix is Under Siege - Are You?

One of the greatest business #success stories over the last decade or so is Netflix. They found a way to adjust their business model to stay relevant and thrive in their industry multiple times in face of different competition, from Blockbuster and RedBox in their early years, to HBO, Hulu and Amazon today. But in 2019, they’ll face, potentially, their greatest challenge - Disney. And you, the business #owner, can learn a valuable lesson in all this. Say Hello to Their Bigges

New Year, New You, New Business Plan

Happy New Year! It’s time to make some New Years’ Resolutions! But let’s make sure they aren’t the “I’m going to go to the gym every day from here on out even though I haven’t been to a gym in eight years” variety. Here’s part one of an on-going series where we’ll explore the types of New Years’ Resolutions you should be making for your #business – and the ways you can make sure you stick to them. This week’s Resolution: Take a look at your business plan! For established busi

You're Live! Benefits of Using Live on Social

Okay, so you have social media feeds for your business. Great. One new(ish) feature of most social platforms is the ability to go “live”. It’s exactly what it sounds like – your real time video is broadcast across your social media network and advertised with a push notification. So the question is: Should you be doing that? The answer is probably yes. For anything involving #social, if it’s possible for you to do it, you should. Every little thing you do on social is a new o

Relax - It's the Holidays!

For many small business owners, the #holiday season is THE season. Consumer spending is up and people at large are more prone to splurge during the holidays. For certain industries, the time between the end of October and the New Year is the time to make hay. But hay making is tiring, and when you're money motivated, chances are come January 2nd, you’ll be exhausted. While it’s important to be on your Ps and Qs and working when the work is available, you can find yourself inc

Dear Business Owners: You're Consumers, Too!

If you’re a #smallbusiness, you’ve been hearing for a while how important it is to find ways to capitalize on the #holiday season with smart marketing or sales. We even gave you some ideas as simple as making sure your brick-and-mortar is decorated or sending handwritten holiday cards. When you add this to any shopping you need to do for your own family and friends, it’s easy to forget that your business can benefit from holiday sales, too. Revamp Your Office Take a look arou

A Very Business Christmas: A Guide to Shopping for Clients

The holiday season is a great time to build and foster relationships with vendors and #clients. We’ve mentioned hand-written cards - but let’s say you want to be extra festive by buying gifts for certain individuals important to your #business. We say, good idea! Here are a few guidelines to help you show your appreciation to important clients and vendors while not breaking your budget or committing and #holiday gift faux pas. Don’t overspend/be fair Consumer culture runs ram

Will Paper Checks Survive the Digital Payment Revolution?

PayPal. Chase QuickPay. Venmo. You can even send money to someone on Facebook. Every day, moving money from you to a friend gets easier and easier. Instead of needing #cash on hand to split the tab, you can just send your buddy the money from your phone once you get in your car after parting ways. These things seem commonplace enough now when dealing with smaller amounts between friends. But what about for your #business? With the continual upgrades to everything tech, some p

How to Grow Your Small Business On Long Island

Did you know that #LongIsland is one of the most densely populated areas in the country? In fact, a recent census showed that over 1/3 of all #NewYorkers reside there. Unfortunately, despite such a large audience, many LI businesses still struggle to cut through the “noise” and reach new customers. Luckily, we have 5 proven ways to grow your #smallbusiness on Long Island. Know Your Audience Long Island is an incredibly diverse region comprised of a range of #economic classes,

Tips for Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season

According to Kantar Media, the top ten retailers in the US spent nearly 1.2 trillion dollars on #marketing and #advertising during the 2017 holiday season. By most metrics, it turned out to be money well spent with most #retailers reporting upticks in #revenue for the last quarter of the year. With consumer confidence at its highest levels since 2000 according to research by eMarketers, 2018’s holiday season has all the makings of another major success for the world’s largest

10 Tips for National Write a Business Plan Month

December is National Write a Business Plan Month! You may be thinking that it’s an oddly specific thing to celebrate, but when you consider the importance of a #businessplan, it doesn’t seem so farfetched. Without a solid business plan, you’ll be hard-pressed to find #investors, #banks, or #businesspartners willing to get involved with you. In fact, you could say that without a business plan, there’d be no #business at all. Use these 10 tips to guarantee you’re putting your b

Black Friday Beyond Retail: 5 Reasons Suppliers Should Get into the Holiday Spirit

From Black Friday all the way through Christmas, your clients will be discounting their goods and #services and driving some of the highest #sales volumes seen all year. How do you get a piece of the action? Get on board. Offering promotions during a time that you know your supplies are most in demand may seem strange, but there are several reasons why it might just be the best move you can make. Here are 5 reasons why your supply business should be decking the halls with #ho

Why Tradesmen Have Bigger Cash Flow Problems

No matter how busy you are, sometimes getting those invoices paid in a timely manner is close to impossible. It happens all too often. A local tradesman works 24/7 delivering quality work in a timely manner, but the bills keep stacking up. Why doesn’t there ever seem to be enough available funds when you need them? Save your #business from bankruptcy by avoiding these 7 common cash flow mistakes. Selling Yourself Short Believe it or not, you may be underestimating your own wo

Brand Awareness – What It Is & How it Can Help Your Business

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting through a long marketing meeting, the phrase #brandawareness probably isn’t new to you. If you haven’t, then we’ll help you skip straight to the good part. What is it, how do you get it, and why do you care? Read on for a crash course in this important business metric that marketers are striving to master: Brand Awareness Defined Marketers love to give fancy names to relatively basic concepts and “brand awareness” is the perfect exam

A Strong Website Is Key To Being A Successful Tradesman

It might seem counterintuitive for a man who works with his hands to have to also be so tech-savvy. But we're here to tell you - it's not as hard as it seems. Websites aren’t just for tech pros and Fortune 500s anymore. As a matter of fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a #business card anywhere without a web address listed. From increased #awareness to creating a better customer experience, a strong website can provide your #smallbusiness with a myriad of advantages. Below a